Vyksa art residency – started in 2017 by 'OMK-Uchastie' foundation under the auspices of festival of urban culture Art-Ovrag – made a new open call for residents with the theme "Russian Field of Experiments" in November last year. Artists from both Russia and abroad were invited to apply for residency in the year 2019.

By the end of the open call, the organizers received 130 applications from 19 countries. Of these 108 applications were from Russian artists and the remaining 22 from artists representing the following countries: Australia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan, Columbia, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Turkey, Finland, France, Estonia and Japan.

Irina Sedykh, chairperson of the Council of Trustees of the charity foundation 'OMK-Uchastie' had this to say:
"It is a big victory for us that artists from all around the world have come to know about our residency and expressed their genuine interest in it over the course of past two years. Vyksa is turning into not just a new hotspot on the map of Russian culture, but also making its presence felt in the global art community. The selection process was not easy this year for, out of the large number of applicants that included many diverse approaches to realization of art projects, we had to choose only 10 that resonate most with our ideas. With each passing year, we hope that more and more artists from around the world will be inspired by our town and amazed by a new view of Russia."

According to the curator of the Vyksa art residency Alisa Bogdanaite:
" While announcing the theme of the open call 'Russian Field of Experiments' , we tried to allow for the possibility of a wide range of interpretations. Russian Field of Experiments in Vyksa is simultaneously a point of transition from the archaic to the industrial and a collision between the earthly and the cosmic. Apart from the wonderful themes of art projects, other distinguishing features of the selection for 2019 are the wide geographical region covered by it, international group of artists and diversity of artistic practices and techniques. We have all the sings of a daring and inspiring new season of the art residency. "

Vyksa art residency would like to thank all artists who took part in the open call for this year.

The final list of residents selected for the new season:
Evgeniy Dedov / Vienna
Ikuru Kuwajima / Moscow
Kirill Makarov / St. Petersburg
Evgeniya Panina / Moscow
Natalia Poniatowska / Warsaw
SASHAPASHA (Pavel Rotz, Alexandra Rotz) / Helsinki
Yura Shust / Berlin, Minsk
Scale 1: 100 (Alexandra Khokhlova, Dmitry Ruben) / Omsk
Tatiana Efrussi / Paris

The first resident of the new season will be Yura Schust. The duration of residency is 3-8 weeks during which artists conduct research, workshops and an exhibition featuring artworks created here. Selected works from residents can be included in the program of Art-Ovrag festival in 2019.

Vyksa art residency is open year around. The residency program is produced by '8 Lines' collective. During the past two years of its existence, more than 20 artists have been its residents, including Dmitry Morozov Vtol, George Ostretsov, Ustina Yakovleva, Dzhurai Florek, Ivan Gorshkov, Dmitry Bulnygin, Elena Kovylina and Victoria Begalskaya.

The curator of Vyksa art residency is art manager and cultural critic Alisa Bogdanaite. She heads the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in Vladivostok, which holds an eponymous art residency since the end of the year 2014.


Vyksa art residency is an annual residency founded in 2017 by 'OMK-Uchastie' foundation – organizers of Art-Ovrag, a festival of urban culture. Since then, more than 20 artists have been its residents, including Dmitry ::Vtol:: Morozov, George Ostretsov, Ustina Yakovleva, Dzhurai Florek, Ivan Gorshkov, Dmitry Bulnygin, Elena Kovylina and Victoria Begalskaya.

The residency aims to support contemporary artists without restrictions on age, genre or country. The artworks created by residents could be related to their research on the local context and interactions with society at Vyksa, or totally autonomous.

Artworks that are selected for the collection of the art residency are placed in the special collection of contemporary art OMK, created specially for this purpose, at the biggest museum of Vyksa. The collections of the museum are accessible to visitors and for displaying at the museum, and parts of the collections can be used for exhibitions at other locations in Vyksa or other cities.


Where can I find out more about the town of Vyksa?
For more information about the city of Vyksa, the festival "Art-Ovrag" and local art objects can be found in our section "Guests of the Vyksa".
How are the residents selected?
The residency is oriented towards professional artists to help them realize interesting projects. We do look at the CV and portfolio, but first and foremost at the proposal and the realizability of the project in the timeframe of the residency. Preference is given to proposals that aim to interact with the local context and society. The selection is done by our group of experts.
How is the grant paid out?
50% of the grant will be paid out within 7 days from the signing of the agreement upon the arrival of the resident in Vyksa. The remaining 50% of the sum will be transferred to the bank account of the resident within 7 days of signing of declaration of completing the terms of the residency (usually signed on the last day of the residency).
How are travel expenses reimbursed?
Money is transferred to the (bank) card of the resident within 7 days of handing over invoice (with ticket receipts and checks) and signing of declaration of completing the terms of the residency (usually signed on the last day of the residency).
How are art supplies procured?
Please send us a list of the required materials or have them delivered to the residency with an option to pay by card. In either case, the materials will be ready for you upon your arrival in the artist studio.
Alternatively, you can purchase the supplies and bring them with you. We will pay the merchant(s) directly by electronic transfer of funds but you will have to obtain a power of attorney from us before you can obtain the supplies from the merchant(s). In case the situation is unusual, please get in touch with the coordinator of the residency.
Can guests or family member(s) accompany me to the residency?
Art residency Vyksa welcomes group residences as well as guests and family members. Please do inform the coordinator about their arrival well in advance, even if you plan to host them in your room. In case you need to arrange separate lodgings for them, please discuss it with the coordinator. We request you to take care of your guests' needs and make sure other residents are not bothered by their presence.
Which contract(s) do I have to sign at the residency?
Upon arrival you will be asked to sign a contract with the residency which will contain the amount of your grant, terms of payment, calendar of events as well as your commitment to hand over your work to our collection.
Which documents do I need to bring with me?
For the contract, which effectively means to be able to pay our your grant, we will need a copy of your passport and taxpayer documents. Also, we will need your bank account details as well as your postal address where we can send you your copy of the contract.
How are artworks selected for the Vyksa collection?

We are interested in collecting artwork(s) that best represent your research at Vyksa and the outcome of your residency that can be shown to the public later. Every case is unique – the selection is made on the basis of your wishes, curator's recommendations as well as the techniques and format used in your work and the overall volume of your work. In most cases, we leave the final choice to our investor – a representative of 'OMK-Uchastiye' foundation might visit your exhibition at the end of the residency or make a selection remotely.

In the event that you create just one piece of art (a video or multimedia installation for instance) at the residency, we would request you to give us a copy of the work and the copyrights to show your work. Handing over the work to the collection can be discussed with our curator before the beginning of the residency or at only other stage.

You will not part ways with your work forever. The OMK Collection is public, and we will gladly hand you your work for displaying it an external exhibition.
How are artworks transported back?
We do not cover the costs of transporting back artworks created by you at the residency. For artworks that remain at the museum for the exhibition or for selection of the investor, we will discuss their transportation costs separately.


Since 2017, one of the goals of the VYKSA art residence is to collect works of contemporary art for the UMC (The United Metallurgical Company). The paintings, objects, media installations, assemblages of this collection are focused on a conceptual content. Through different methods, artists call for a rethinking of local identity and historical, cultural and social contexts.

Still these works are not the only part of the UMC collection. It is also formed from buying art from artists and commission works.

Collection is stored at the VMP history museum (Vyksa Metallurgical Plant) and can be exhibited at different venues.


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